Generate CSS classes and variables from Angular Material Palette

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In this blog, we should learn about generating CSS classes and variables from Angular Material Palette. It can also be used to strengthen some SCSS skills.

✅ Generate CSS classes from Angular Material Palette

✅ Generate CSS variables from Angular Material Palette

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Let’s say we have some HTML elements like this:

Html elements for styling.

In order to change the color of elements, usually, we would do it like below: 😕

Usual and not convenient way to style elements.

Well as you see, it is already verbose 😕. Just for adding color, we have to import the palette and use a map-get function.

Solution: 🛠

What if we would able to style HTML elements just by adding classes like the below? ⬇️

Add colors using CSS classes

or even by using CSS variables? 🙂

Add colors using CSS classes

In order to achieve this, we can generate CSS classes and CSS variables from Angular Material Palette. The palette is actually a SCSS map which is like a Map object in Javascript.

Assume we have a palette like the below:

Sample palette

So let’s add a new file called generate-material-classes.scss which would include the below code.

Note: we are going to simplify below code later in this post 🚀.

Generate angular material classes version 1

Basically, we iterate over key/values for each palette and add CSS classes. We also append those key/values to an array which we use for root to generate CSS variables.

Now in styles.scss file:

@import 'generate-material-colors';@include generate-material-classes();

Now we can use classes like app-primary-60 and so on.

Also, let’s confirm the solution by inspecting CSS variables via devTools:

Generated CSS variables

Beautiful, is not it? 😎

Optimized solution: 🚀

As you see we add 3 different mixins for generating primary, accent, and warning colors in the above solution 😕. So let’s simplify this by using a single function with parameters:

Generate angular material classes and CSS variables: optimized version

That’s all hope you enjoyed it and found it useful. Thanks for reading.🍍

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